Short Stay

So what do we mean by short stay??

In our opinion that’s anything from 1 month to 3 months where a formal lease agreement is completed.

This is generally a furnished property (although can be unfurnished) which is leased by the week instead of by the night and is not subject to seasonal pricing.

Generally this type of leasing attracts business people who are sent to Perth for a short term assignment or contract, or people who have newly immigrated and are awaiting their furniture to arrive from overseas.

For this style of leasing we are able to offer you the following customisable services:

  1. Property Condition Report
  2. Marketing
  3. Open for Inspections
  4. Application Processing
  5. Lease execution and bond payment
  6. Maintenance
  7. Rent arrears management (although some contracts are paid in advance)
  8. 1 Inspection during tenancy
  9. Final inspection after the tenant has vacated & report
  10. Bond Disposal
  11. Being on call for emergencies
  12. Mid and end of month payments to Owners bank account.

This style of leasing is covered by the Residential Tenancies Act and as such we will need to abide by the law when managing this property. However, once we have made sure that we comply with the Act we are again customisable for you.

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